Discussion Topic for the Week of Sept. 12 – Quite Simply, Your Vision

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Hi Ladies!

There’s nothing like that moment when you sit in class for the first day, you know what class it is, you have some idea of what you will be learning, and yet at the same time you can reach out into the future and feel where you will be when all that knowledge and experience is in you. It is a huge and wonderful feeling.

If you don’t remember it, it can be conjured at the beginning of any article you read, podcast you listen to, or new task you undertake. It’s this really amazing feeling of already being there, but not necessarily knowing where that is. It’s an expansive and generative feeling! That’s where we are now.

This beautiful feeling needs to be directed into clarity to be fully actualised. Your vision is like this too.

Take this week to allow that feeling of knowing you are starting a new season that will take you closer to the completion of your vision. Feel it. Be excited about it. Let that feeling expand.

Share on the call your vision. It has been some time since we have taken a moment to speak these ambitions, life purposes, missions, and goals into the space. 

Share on the site all things vision. Has it changed? Has it grown? How has it clarified? Do you have a new title for yourself? A new business name? A new image? 

Did you already accomplish something great, or beautiful part thereof?!

Looking forward to meeting all of your visions once again.

Have a visionary week!

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