Discussion Topic for the Week of Oct. 31 – Braggin’ Rights

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Such a fun couple of weeks. Interesting is our new super power!

It’s been amazing getting to know each other even better. This week, let’s connect that to the original intention of this community, how much we rock. Let’s brag about ourselves!

We originally started meeting to support how fabulous, accomplished, intelligent, beautiful, talented and amazing we are. This community was built out of the intention to allow our inner rock stars to have a place to speak, shine, and be fabulous.

All out.

Are you the best dancer in the room? Do you have the most beautiful singing voice? Do you have any awards? Can you snort jello? Brag about it all!

This week, share a brag daily on the site. One sentence will do if you’re shy!

Let us see you. And in turn, be seen in the biggest shoes you own!

Share on the call the thing that puffs out your chest the most, the thing that has you standing the tallest. Tell that story.

Looking forward to the freedom this challenge will allow. I mean after all, when you are comfortable as your biggest and best self, the road rises joyously to meet you.

Have a blast with this, Lovelies!

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