Discussion Topic for the Week of Oct. 30 – Getting Things Done

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Hi Ladies!

When we live abundantly and strive for more, sometimes there is a clog up of things to do. There is never enough time in the day, when we operate at this level.  We put things off. We run out of time. We prioritize ourselves. We naturally want to do many exciting things for many reasons.

We have goals. We have a vision. We have jobs. We have families. We have fun. We have dreams. There are so many amazing things we can throw ourselves into.

This week, challenge yourself to cross a few things of your to-do list. Do the things you have been needing to do, wanting to do, or procrastinating. 

Share one of those things and why it is such a strong desire. Is it an obligation you want to get out of the way? Is it an office reno? Is it an email to someone in your network? Is it a vacation weekend? Have you been meaning to start walking to work again in the mornings? Is it an afternoon with your family? 

The to-do thing could be anything!

Take note of what happens when you get that thing done. We have been working for a few weeks now on the topic of abundance, opening ourselves up to how that comes into our lives.

How does doing this “thing” make more room for your abundance?

Looking forward to reading about byour experiences. Together we are making space for you to be able to receive the abundance you desire. 

Have a great week. xo

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