Discussion Topic for the Week of Oct. 16 – Harvest Moon

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Happy Harvest Ladies!

This is that magical and amazing time of the year where all that has been planted in our gardens is finally ready to be harvested. And better, it’s all the heavy, hearty, and winter sustaining fruits of our labour. Beets. Carrots. Squash, Kohlrabi. Apples.

Heavy Love. We turn this in to Soups, stews, pies. It becomes the nourishment that sticks to our ribs and fuels us well into the next garden’s season.

It is abundance.

This week, let’s meet that with a creative and conscious “abundance game”. Let’s treat our sub-conscious mind to some tangibility. Let’s let that part of us feel with our hands the gathering and collecting of abundance – for no reason.

How do we play?

First a), pick a beautiful vessel – a colourful bowl, a wel-loved mug, or a spectacular crystal glass. Choose something that is already “the best thing ever” all on its own. Just looking at it out of the corner of your eye feels amazing and satisfying.

First b), pick a place to put this vessel so that you see it often in your day. Choose a place you walk by many times during the day. You want it to stand out and be visible. You want to interact in a physical way with this expression of abundance.

Second, choose a thing to collect: Beads, buttons, stones, flowers, dimes, dollar bills, or compliments written on scraps of paper. The thing doesn’t matter, except that you value this thing, and when you see it or hold it in your hand, it makes you feel rich and satisfied. This thing is important to you and brings you joy.

And finally, at least once a day, add another piece of that special “it-thing” to the bowl. Hold it in your hands. Add it to the bowl. Swish it around in the bowl, if you like.

See and feel it add up.

For your share this week, write about something you notice about your abundance that has changed. It will.

Does that feel more possible? Do you feel more connected to your abundance? Is it more obvious? Did one of those ‘definitions of abundance” increase? Is there a change, that is not just in your outlook, but actually?

Dare yourself to manifest something abundant.

You work hard and free. Challenge yourself to acknowledge the incredible abundance you create.

Have a fabulous week.

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A big welcome to Nora Moll of Big Fish Creative. Thank you Nora for joining us! We’re really excited to add your beautiful photos to our posts.

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