Discussion Topic for the Week of Oct. 10 – Validation Nation

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Hi Ladies!

Yes, it’s true. Last week’s discussions catapulted me to such a place that I can confidently share my rhymes. Pretty bad ass. And the perfect description of the place we will be going to together this week!

Validation Nation: the place where only positive belief in self and others lives. It is a choiceful reality.  

We know in our minds, intellectually, that positive thoughts and experiences link to make more positive thoughts and experiences. Last week, it was so wonderful to consciously witness that in action – especially because it was happening so clearly to all of us. What started as noticing the “invalidation” of our interactions, very quickly transformed into a beautiful conversation with life about how we see more validation, actually.

Our peanut gallery is in fact made up of our fans.

What we don’t know easily – insert lots of societal reasons here, that don’t rhyme, just sayin’ – is that the subconscious actually prefers positive reticulation. For example, when we are shopping for that perfect car, or those perfect shoes, our minds quickly filter our experiences so that we see only the perfect car that we are looking for, or only the beautiful shoes.

This week, prove it to yourself. And then embark on that journey of following only the positive validations of you and your work. Follow the compliments. Follow the high fives. Follow the “confirmations”. Follow what feels amazing, or too good to be true.

Share on the site this week your experiences of this process. The more examples we can bring to the party, the more doors it opens up for us all to see these possibilities in our own experiences. And, it’s so amazing to high five each other!

Share on the call how this attention to only validation has been a benefit to your vision. Hint: connect this to your 3 – 6 – 9; we are coming to the end of the 3 week section and moving into the 6 week section.

Because you’re fabulous, enjoy your week!

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