Discussion Topic for the Week of Nov. 7 – Warrior Woman

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One of the most popular female archetypes in our current culture is woman as warrior. It’s a powerful image to connect to, and perhaps identify with, esp if we do not consider ourselves warriors at all.

Let’s, however, connect this idea of ourselves as warriors to the buzz we created together over the last few weeks as we came to understand and own our own power.

For this topic, pick something every day to engage your warrior. The task is not important, but the energy in which you complete the task definitely is! 

Do you have some things that require your toughness, your strength, that need doing? Does your job require you to be a strong leader? Do you need to muscle through some food cravings or habits that don’t serve you (I’m back on the bean grrr, trying so hard to keep it to 1 per day. Today I had 3!)

It will be interesting to see what we come up with, when this is a daily affair. In short, how are you using this powerful aspect of the feminine? It will be most excellent as we co-inspire!

Share on the call how you use your warrior self to support your vision and your life. 

Have fun with this, Ladies. Make this topic your own!

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