Discussion Topic for the Week of Nov. 27 – You Brave Thing, You

 In This Week's Topic

Ok Ladies!

It’s time to gear up and get out there. Operation Awesome is fully engaged. Lia is stepping out on the town, wearing her editor shoes. Amber is the hostess with the mostest on our new Instagram account. Nora is consulting on our social media. Adrienne just officially hired a webmaster.

It’s ON!

We are gearing up to make this amazing project public! It feels amazing! And it’s terrifying!

This week, let’s support our collective stage fright with some collective fearlessness.

This week, do something every day that scares you.

This week for the public blog, choose one of those things that scared you, and tell us how you conquered it. Tell us how this achievement, large or small, excites you and brings you the momentum needed to accomplish the next difficult or scary task.

Move past your fear, using the thrill of the win.

Be brave.

Be fearless. 

Be you.

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