Discussion Topic for the Week of Nov. 21 – Man Crush

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Hi Ladies!

No conversation about fantastic women would be complete without the inclusion of some fantastic men, especially at this time in history.

It’s so important, as we enter into these wobbly times, to see and feel the strength and goodness of powerful men, to find safety in their examples.

This week, let’s spend some energy valuing the amazing men in our lives. 

Share on the site one amazing man who has influenced your life each day.

How have they affected you? How have they loved and respected you? How have they pushed you to go further, to have more, to be better.

Bring to the call the man who has influenced your life the most.

As with the Ladies, these amazing men can be animal or mineral, famous, imaginary, bona fide, or a trusted companion.

Who do you admire? Who do you trust? Who do you look up to? 

Do you have a male mentor? Is your best friend a man? Do you have a brother from another mother?!

This week, let’s honour the amazing men in the world. Let’s put some energy there and watch it grow.

Enjoy their brilliance. 


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