Discussion Topic for the Week of Nov. 14 – The Woman Outside

 In This Week's Topic


This is an unconventional topic for us this week. We are looking outside ourselves for the deepening.

Fear not, this is not intended to be a separation from self, but in fact, a collaboration with the Woman in our collective consciousness.


We are reeling from the US election. There is a huge, thriving, living, and moving awareness of what it means to be a woman in this world, what it means to be a girl growing up in this world. This incredible heart is beating, visibly and powerfully.

This week, look into the women you respect and admire. Who are your “warrior” examples? Who inspires you?

Share one woman per day on the site. Share as much as you can about her. Bring her to life for us to celebrate also. 

She can be someone you know, a celebrity, alive or dead, fictional, historical…. any woman you admire for their strength and contribution.

Bring to the call a story about how this woman has shaped your life.

Women all around us will be thinking about this very thing, exactly. It is the result of contrast, the creation of clarity. Let’s join in.

Let’s bring our powerful and collective and deliberate consciousness to the table.

Change is in fact here. Be it, by noticing the power in another woman.

Looking forward to celebrating woman, together.

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