Forum Topic for the Week of Jan. 9 – New Year’s Intentions

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Thank you for the incredible conversation last week! Gratitude is one of the simplest practices we can engage in to ensure we are in the right head space to create the lives we desire. When we acknowledge the abundance we have in our lives – in its many forms – we energetically inform the Universe about the kinds of things we want to have, or have happen, in our lives.

We started a brand new year in huge and abundant energy. This sets the stage for a fabulous coming year. Your mind, aligned with abundance, will allow you to design your life in a way that brings to you more of those amazing things. When you add conscious intention, voila!

This week, post the things that you intend to have or have happen this year.

Share 1 – 5 things daily on the site. Remember, this is also an abundance exercise. The more you declare, the more the Universe knows what to bring!

Share on the call the New Year’s intention that means the most to you.

What do you intend to experience this year? The sky is the limit!


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