Discussion Topic for the Week of Dec. 26 – Do It All!

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Happy Christmas and Merry Holidays!

What a wonderful week we’ve had, leading up to the big day. Lots to do, and it all got done ha!

This week, roll all that multi-tasking and to-do list conquering magic into some big picture magic, for you. This week, let’s talk about what you want to DO!

This includes everything, of course, but to keep yourself focused, think in terms of actions. Consider, also, focusing on things you want to do for you, your dreams, your goals.

Share on the site one thing daily. Share on the call next week a secret to-do, wahoo!

And like the last few weeks, it can be real or imagined. This is all about feeling the energy of it.

BONUS: What do you want to do Christmas day? Plan it out; make it happen. (Doesn’t matter if you celebrate that or not, use the 25th to “do” the completion of something special.)

Have a beautiful week Ladies.

It’s an extra special time for loved ones, giving, gratitude, winter lights, shortbread and tall toddies.

Love youS.

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