Discussion Topic for the Week of Dec. 19 – Have Everything You Can Imagine

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We’re revving up with the Holidays – all of them! It’s fantastic. The more the world changes, and the more we become aware of what others do at this time of year, how and what they celebrate, the more we see our own traditions and are inspired by theirs. It is such an incredible opportunity.

Last week, in this wee and wonderful community, we had the pleasure of experiencing each other’s travel bugs. The good kind. The kind that makes for more and more and more ideas, inspiration, and enthusiasm for traveling. As part of our Holiday topic series, where we are exploring the value of “want, and exploring the question “where do you want to travel”, definitely opened up a HUGE door in our hearts.

This week, lets pack in through that door all of the things we want to HAVE.

This is absolutely everything and anything you want to have: new books, your old car, a space ship, the astronaut (oh stop!), a dragon, a Skynard concert, more travel, or a puppy. Think of it as if you are a little kid and climbing up on Santa’s knee, list in hand, and you know like you know you he will grant those wishes. It’s that. Or Aladdin. Explore and allow yourself to want anything you want to have, big or small, real or imagined.

Share on the site something new daily.

Share on the call the want you don’t dare write down. Let us celebrate that with you!

Quick hint: We are definitely pushing the envelope here, given the energy that has been present for the last couple of days of meditations. DO share something daily to push yourself through the other visibly crunchy spots in your life. If you are stuck, think of this in terms of material goods, something you can put your hands on. Keep it as real as possible so there is less sub-conscious arguing. Merely play the game if you have to. You’re worth it.

Have a fabulously wanton week!

Get it ON!

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