Discussion Topic for the Week of Dec. 13 – Adventurous

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Let’s have an adventurous Advent season! This is a call topic series that will carry us through, and inspire us of course!, all the way through Christmas to the dreaded New Year’s resolution. The invitation is to use it as an amplifier, a clarifier, a shield, a pocket full of fun, rain or shine.

Last week, we discovered most of us have an Advent calendar, or an advent ritual of some sort. It’s a pre-Christmas or Holiday celebration. It’s a daily small celebration that honours the anticipation of Christmas day, the big celebration.

The idea here is to warm up the energy of celebration in your life. Expand. It will be a little like a Yin yoga pose. We will hold this space to wanting, past the wiggly bits, and all the way to having more.

The bigger idea is to have fun with this. A lot of fun!

For the next few weeks, we will be tapping into that “inner child” and letting her wish and want what she wants for Christmas.

This is an opportunity to open the mind to how much you can have, how abundant you can be, how happy you can be. It doesn’t matter if the want is even real. When you imagine a want, and just simply celebrate the wanting, you receive what you want in energy, and you create a space in your mind that allows you to have those things you want.

This week, each day, post one place you WANT to visit or travel to. It doesn’t matter what the details are, if it is possible… None of that. It is about connecting consciously to the things that you want.

Share on the call your biggest want.

It’s all about actually being the inner child for a week, with zero limitation. Do what you want.

And enjoy!

Get jiggy with it.

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