Discussion Topic for the Week of Aug. 28 – The Artist Date

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Hey Ladies!!

What a great couple of weeks of being together with the important things in our lives. As women, we are culturally accustomed to our connection coming from the difficulties, the upsets, the hard parts. It has been wonderfully refreshing to have the opportunity to notice and celebrate what we are always consciously working towards – that “other” part of our conscious culture, the part of women’s culture that we have as a group chosen to cultivate.

Positive generative connection. It’s so important. It’s a battery.

This week, let’s explore our creativity. We’ve done this before of course, but it’s such a fun practice. And it’s the perfect energy to ground in the evolution of our community. Creativity.

You got it, it’s the Artist Date. 

This is a beloved practice many of us already do and love regularly, but it is also a practice we like to have in regular rotation here in the forum. Sharing these experiences with each other is not only really valuable to our own personal development, but it is also just great fun.

This practice comes from a book called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron – an excellent creativity tool if you don’t already own it.  The Artist date is the practice of taking yourself on a weekly date – just you alone – to a place you love or have never been before in the intention of connecting to your creativity. Then, allowing your creativity to take you where it wants you to go.

What do you notice? What are you suddenly inspired to do? Do you have a Eureka moment? 

Use this week to take yourself on a date. Try something new. Visit a new coffee shop. Go to a movie. Try a different walking route. Go for a drive. Try a new recipe. Sit in a different favourite chair. It’s an amazing practice that can go anywhere large or small! It can be 10 min or 10 hours.

Open the door to a place in yourself you have never been before, or re-open the door to that place in yourself you don’t often get the opportunity to visit.

Have a blast!

Bonus: Share an upgrade in your creative process as a whole. Many of us here rely on our creativity as the engine of our livelihood. How does allowing our creative process (the artist) to be the essential nutrient in our lives and livelihoods bring us abundance?

What happens when your creativity is the driver?

Ladies, ride ON!

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