Discussion Topic for the Week of Aug. 21 – Gratitude

 In This Week's Topic

Hi Ladies!

Last week was so…. interesting! The good kind. The noticing kind. The kind of interesting that points us in the direction we want to go.

When we notice the every day things that we find interesting, we are really having an intimate conversation with those parts of our worlds that strike our fancy.

Direction is born of engagement.

This week, let’s use the brilliant energy of gratitude to bring that direction home. We will submerge ourselves in the acknowledgement of those things in our lives that we love and honour. 

Just like last week, this is a “plain and simple” exercise: at the end of each day share 10 things for which you are grateful. State them. See them.

Witness each other in this pure and simple expression. See in each other some of the places where you have more than you think you have.

Hint: Challenge yourself to keep it positive. This avoids unconscious lack, and the ‘growing” thereof. 

Enjoy this week of powerful reflection.

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