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I really like the idea of doing something (wanting) and it not having to be about the thing, but rather about the energy it invites. It’s a fun (and maybe easy too) way to get to a ‘place’ – or rather, an energetic place.

First up: Scandinavia – Sweden & Norway

I have been to Denmark and would happily go there again. I only spent a day in Sweden though and haven’t been to Norway. I like the way their societies are structured in terms of their social systems. I like how they embrace winter in a way I haven’t been able to do yet. I want to know more. What I truly want though, is to go to these places with my dad. Once upon a time, many years ago, we talked about it, as a place in the world we both wanted to go. I would probably go anywhere with my dad, if he asked, to be honest, but this is the one we chose. A few months ago, I brought it to his attention again, to overcome some of his objections (I don’t have enough vacation days, visiting with my S.O. etc.) in regards to the possibility of taking such a trip. He usually does one big trip once every couple of years, and I want this to be the next one. I want time with my dad, all to myself. These times are rare and I crave them. So I want this trip. I want this time with my dad. I want to go to Scandinavia.

Yes GO!!!

My Dad is probably my greatest travelling companion so far, also my favourite ski buddy. And for the past few years, he’s been the only person allowed to spend my birthday with me. So fun for you to have that too, in your way. We’re so lucky – a few of us on this crew with that in common!

I was just talking with my glass artist friend at Art Crawl, and I told her that under all of this, I think I might actually be Danish modern. Can you be closet Danish modern. Yes, it’s me.

A friend of mine did her MBA in Denmark… she had such amazing stories, mostly about how beautiful it is, and how OLD it is. It has the oldest monarchy apparently. Pretty neat.

Bon Voyage!!!

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