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In light of what came up during this topic – specifically the idea of moving (including being in the water) – I thought this article was interesting. Bringing out the creativity for writers through running. Walking is also very beneficial, and I think it could be extended to just being active generally. I like what they had to say about how it brings out the creativity.

Why Writers Run


Great article. Thanks for posting!

For me, walking creates a definite clarity of thought, and I know exactly what to do next after a walk. I’m hit and miss being able to run at the moment – that’s the goal for fall, my back has been screwy and it’s just too hot in the summer – because running does create a definitely unique head-space for me. I’m not an endurance runner at all, so 5 km is a challenge, and when I am able to run that comfortably, the sense of accomplishment is a total confidence builder, and that is absolutely transferred into everything I do.

And yoga… that is a movement that is really extraordinary for me and my creativity. Somehow that movement specifically creates the perfect conditions for my “poetry” which I never share, but I love love love. I keep a book close to me when I practice, and it flows out unedited. I don’t necessarily think my poetry is good at all, but it feeds me. I often read it to inspire my self – totally weird and secret process of mine. I have even made it fancy over the years – a special book, and a fountain pen – gifted from a friend who believes in me. The book is leather bound with a yin yang sign embossed on the front, and the pages are that raw hand made paper. I use a fountain pen. I have to write really large and bold and fast. Any hesitation in the cursive and it just becomes a blob.

To me the entire book is a piece of art.

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