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So true!

This was one of the biggest appeal about Permaculture for me, yes the world has a lot of bad in it, we as a society are interacting in such a negative way with our environment, or so we are brought to believe. Perception and the stories we are willing to follow have a huge role at play here. Yes there is bad out there but do you know how much good there is!! If you seek the good, you see the good everywhere. Of course this may require some energy or training but really choosing to look at the world through this lens is so energizing.

I see this in my work all the time. If we stay focused on the huge negatives that are happening around out we do feel deflated. But as we saw with contrast last week, once we focus on those positive it is an exponential energy and an empowering one. I believe that we all want to do the right thing, and it gets easier as we do it together.

So to bring this to our Social Permaculture here, by believing in your strength it makes me realize my own and the impact and value my words and my actions can have because i know yours do to me.

Again today as i switch into my winter mode (my different work environment, therefor social surrounding and seasonal activities) i got asked about my summer projects. So many people care about composting because they care about me. They believe in me therefor my opinion, therefor my actions, therefore my beliefs. The majority of the people i interact with here now would never themselves bring up  subject such as local resilience, food production and waste management yet since i bring this to the table i get tons of validation for me and for the value of my work.


“…the stories we are willing to follow…”: love the wording cuz it’s so true !

How amazing to see your positive influence on the people around you so clearly.

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