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I was feeling invalidated at work by not only a co- worker, but the mother of the child I support. (A completely unorthodox situation, I may add). I got home from work  yesterday, and immediately started my search on You Tube for words of inspiration or support.

Words have great affect on me, and if I can’t talk out my process, feelings, frustrations, the next best thing is listening to someone else speak in a way that would be empowering and supportive. This helps me to look at my own ‘ situations’ with a different perspective. I tend to look for guided meditations and motivational/spiritual speakers to help with this self discovery process.
I found this in my search , 300+ Power affirmations for career and professional success! I have to say I’ve never heard such powerful work affirmations. And they have helped me to look at work and myself with a whole new set of eyes!


I also found this website…


I also believe intentions are important. I try to set intentions for as many things as I can. Writing my own intentions has always been quite hard for me, thus I really don’t do it. But reading these, I take the ones I resonate with and feel it deep down that this is what I want to create.

These are the things that support my level of confidence and influence my ability to stand tall; empowering beliefs about myself at work, coupled with Intention Setting for the complex and challenging interactions I have with students and co workers.


I am also someone that needs to talk out my process, feelings and frustrations. I think I do worse when they are all trapped in my head, actually. I like that you have a backup plan for when this isn’t an option. Very helpful!


Ha ha! Here is one of MY motivational tools… You’ll see it’s funny, yes, but I would definitely benefit from a few pages from your book.


I am totally motivated by the “no pain, no gain” mentality – a leftover thing from my gymnast youth I think. I get really far carried by a roar! GRRRAR!


I very much need to start refining my communication skills. My projects now are all collaborative. It’s not just me I need to inspire and motivate.

Thank you for these links. It’s amazing for me to connect the tools you use to motivate yourself. You are a powerhouse of self-motivation; you inspire ME. Your style really goes much better with my own personal intentions to be motivated towards the successes I want to create, rather than away from the frustrations I don’t want in my life.

That’s a critical difference, and one that is hard for me to create on my own, given I am naturally motivated by anger, and the efficiency of exploding out of that contracted state.

I’d like to be more expansive. And frankly, if I could be 1/10th of the innovator in my field that you are in yours, I’d be a F$*#ing Rock Star.

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