Casual Fly Day

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Today it was the shoes.

They are a favourite pair, ones (in a big group) that I only wear on non-winter days (spring, summer, maybe fall).

I had them all ready for the day, and received a text from a colleague-friend to meet for coffee at my favourite place near work. He was the first to mention them – he always notices shoes and in fact, he knows me as a shoe lover, so he always checks. My favourite barista also noticed. He and I discussed last week’s shoes, which he also loved. That outfit prompted him to say that I was dressed “Casual Fly Day”. Yes, please. I was casual fly day again, he determined; he loved the look. Two compliments before 9 am!

Not much fuss at work, I’m afraid, but I’m used to that. I had a dentist appointment just after lunch – it is a new place I thought I’d try. One of the employees walked by and noticed my shoes, and said to the women at reception – did you see her shoes? They all stood and looked and declared them beautiful. The professional who did my ex-rays also noticed them (the first employee pointed them out again as she walked by). I had found my dentist group – they were shoe people.

After work I met a friend for drinks and appies – she’s in town for business this week. She also immediately noticed them and complimented my shoes. Am I at 10 compliments yet? Ha!

I love those shoes even if no one else does, but it’s so lovely to have people see the beauty in the things you find beautiful, to love the things you love. It’s a mirror back at you. Passion aflame indeed.

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