Call Topic for the Week of Oct. 3 – Squashing Invalidation

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We rock.

The past few weeks of getting re-clear on our visions after the summer, and moving them forward with 3 – 6 – 9! – sized foot steps has brought us to a really interesting rite of passage indeed.

The dreaded obstacle of invalidation.

It has been present for most of us in this conversation, and it has definitely come to me via satellite conversations also, those conversations with other women in my field of influence. Time and time again, I have noticed that kind of ripple-out influence the conversations and personal development we do here, produces in the women around me.

Let’s dig into that invalidation energy this week. Let’s do that good work for ourselves and know that it benefits those women around us in our field of influence, the ripple out. That is the mission of Consciously Woman after all, to make it possible for other women to rock like we do too!

Ok, so goes like this:

We have accomplished great things the past few weeks, and we are having success. In come the unconscious fears. In comes the unknown. In comes the success. In comes the self sabotage! We do this to keep ourselves safe.

Specifically, this week, we have all had moments of having been invalidated by someone in our lives. This shows up as criticisms, put-downs, judgement, eye rolls… external things, yes, but this is exactly how we call in someone or something to keep us small. This is that in motion!

Share on the site those moments you’ve had where you have been invalidated and become distracted or discouraged or not confident in yourself or some part of your vision-process.

Let’s cheer each other on. Let’s do for each other the validating we need. Let’s help each other carve out that comfort and belief in our best selves.

And most important, let’s provide for each other that reflection of acceptance to a big, shiney, awesome woman. Let’s make it normal to be in the company of people who enjoy our success.

Bring to the call the NEW thing you plan to do in the face of invalidation. What’s the plan in the moment to keep yourself confident and standing tall?

Have a great week with this. It will be so interesting to see where this conversation goes!

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