Call Topic for the Week of May 9 – It’s Evolution Baby!

 In This Week's Topic, Weekly Forum Discussion

Hi Ladies!

The direct purpose of this community is to support and stimulate your personal growth. It is also meant to both challenge your fears, and clarify your ego-blocks. We all have big visions of our own, and Consciously Woman itself is a vision of all-out, all the way, feminine leadership in the world.

We are strongly blazing a trail in our own lives, via our own individual visions, but most important, with our connection to each other. This community has gone through many changes towards this amazing place. It has evolved.

This week, take the opportunity to see this as your own reflection. How have you evolved?

Take a look at you and notice who you have become!

Share on the call some of the highlights of your own evolution.

What is your style? What is your voice? How have you changed? Have you grown up? Are things easier? More clear? Do you communicate better? Do you feel more yourself?

Are you larger and more defined?

Are you happier?

Have a fantastic week!

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