Call Topic for the Week of May 2 – Free Stylin’!

 In This Week's Topic, Weekly Forum Discussion


On the call last night we discovered all three of us were exploring style in different ways last week, on our own. Lia with an article, Katie with the received-wish-gift of a fabulous new wardrobe (whoop whoop), and me beginning to ponder how my clothes make me feel really good – or really bad – about myself.

Let’s follow this amazing “behind” the scenes thread that is obviously in the air of all of us!

This week, explore your style.

How do you choose to express yourself? What does style even mean to you? Do you have a personal style? Do you want one?

How we feel inside is so connected to how we look, esp for women. We wear our hearts on our sleeves and this is a place of total empowerment.

Share on the call how this exploration affects you, brings you clarity, freedom, power…

Have fun with this!

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