Call Topic for the Week of June 29 – Letting Something Go

 In This Week's Topic, Weekly Forum Discussion

Hi Ladies!

We had 2 really profound conversations this week, with many, many sparks into the next threads of our growth. We are so often a real-life “choose your own adventure” in our calls, but last week it was especially so. The expansion is unlimited.

Let’s pause, however. Let’s take the next week to consciously clear out something that doesn’t serve our highest good.

When we expand, or make more room in ourselves, the “thing” that doesn’t resonate becomes very obvious, and if we hold that openness, that expansion, it can drop right out of us.

This week, choose something that doesn’t serve you, look it in the eye, and let it go.

It could be an energy, a habit, a food, a person, a relationship, a thought, a limiting belief, and it could be those ridiculous pants you never wear but haven’t recycled yet.

Choose one thing you want to “not” have or be doing or be thinking. Be as specific as possible.

Intend to let it go.

Be conscious and aware of this “thing” in your life this week. Track it. Let it go.

Use the site before hand to allow you to witness you, to think it out, to see it clearly.

Share your experiences on the call!

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