Call Topic for the Week of June 22 – Dare Ya!

 In This Week's Topic

Hi Ladies!

This week let’s lighten it up a little, and lengthen into the momentum that is currently present in our conversation.

Let the famous quote by Eleanor Roosevelt Inspire you:

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

Share an enlightening opinion at a party. Share your most recent work of art. Create an Etsy account. Raise your prices. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in years. Eat alone in a restaurant. Fire a toxic frenemy, with Love. Try a new food. Actually wear that new dress!

Do something on your bucket list – already, and just because you can!

Back flip.

Bring to the call or share on the site one of these experiences. This is holding your own hand in the unknown. The ability to be fearless creates that conscious evolution we crave.

Bonus: Do a little poking into the life and work of Eleanor Roosevelt. Let the reflection of her brilliance hold you strongly in your own. Open into the knowing that you are a powerful feminine leader in our time. Hold this mirror up to your self. Perhaps you will dare yourself to be more present to this energy in yourself. Dare yourself to make a change that allows you to be more visible.

Have an exhilarating week!

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