Call Topic for the Week of July 6 – Supportive Beliefs

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Hi Ladies!

We had Limiting Beliefs come up in several places in our conversations last week, and this morning I heard them called “False Beliefs”. It is interesting to feel the difference in the languaging.

A Limiting Belief is something we engage in, something we struggle against, try to prove ourselves worthy to, try to prove ourselves as having conquered. It is something that once contained us, provided an obstacle, or tied our hands completely, keeping us captive to in fact our own fears.

A “False Belief” is just that. False. Untrue. Wrong. The difference in the feel of that understanding of the same concept via the label or languaging is, well, simply awesome. It is so clear that it does not belong.

Let’s spring from that concept into Supportive Beliefs. Let’s take the bounce straight into becoming aware of a belief we have of life or of ourselves that supports us, brings us joy and creates the potential for success.

We are as women marinating in a society that is focused on what limits us, or what we “don’t want”, what we don’t like. This incredible community of women that we are creating is founded in the fundamental positivity and potential of life.

Share on the call this week a Supportive Belief. This could be something you have learned on your own, or something that was taught to you as a child as a way to encourage your success. It may come from a movie star, a movie star, a personal experience or a family member, friend or mentor.

Share how this serves you directly in your life now.

Feel free to share on the site in the next few days the false and thus limiting beliefs you are aware of, or need to express. That part of the conversation is important and will spark deeper understandings in ourselves via the reflection of what is in fact not true or supportive to another woman.

Have a wildly expansive and limitless week!

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