Call Topic for the Week of July 13 – Getting to Know Each Other

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Hi Ladies!

I’m new to the quick and fast social medias – Instagram, Pintrest, Twitter – but they are this amazing way to get a snippit into each other’s lives.

This week, on the site post pics of yourself, what you are doing, some of your favourite things, a pic of your pet, or your new digs (hint hint hee hee)! Did you eat the most beautiful salad for lunch?

All of these simple and quick snippits give us so much more of each other.

It was so amazing to see Sabine’s pic last week of her in a motorcycle helmet. I am used to seeing her as a colleague and on skype, not as a Motorcycle Momma!

Include a short caption to go with each photo.

If you don’t have a camera, let us know with a quick description what you’re up to.

Post one a day or a few a day!

For our call: share the funnest thing you did this week.

If you are a double-dipper: share 2!

Have a fabulous week Ladies – looking forward to seeing more of you!

Love Love.

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