Call Topic for the Week of Aug. 3 – Creation From a Choiceful Perspective

 In This Week's Topic, Weekly Forum Discussion

HelloW Lovelies!

This is an extension of last week’s topic. Perspective is such an important foundational energy, and Simone touched on it perfectly in her share before the call on Wednesday.

This week, let’s look forward through a conscious perspective-filter. Let’s intend to CREATE from the perspectives we brought into clarity and valued last week.

Intend this week to notice how your positive perspective not only creates your results, but protects you from results you do not want. We have the freedom to not receive what comes to us also.

The Universe does not judge positive or negative, it propagates sameness.

This exercise will build trust with your ability to create from your natural and desired perspective.

It will also have you creating positive data for your subconscious to refer to as you create more experiences in the dreaded unknown!

This is powerful stuff Ladies! Use the site this week to get as much out of this topic as you can. That’s the place to see yourself working it out, and recording for your subconscious how your perspective does serve and protect you fully in your creative expansion.

Share on the call your experiences. If you have struggle, let it be witnessed. If you have celebration, let us cheer you on!

Have a brilliant week.

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