Building on the Bow

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Building on the Bow: Landmarks in Calgary Commercial Real Estate. This was THE book and for the year following it’s launch (2012), it was my baby. I used to carry it around and show it off. I hope it’s not the last book I’m involved in.

Building on the Bow was a project conceived and created by one of the committees (made up of members) at one of my previous jobs. It was an amazing project for several reasons. It was a beautiful black and white, architectural-history infused, coffee table book showcasing commercial buildings in Calgary. I was also very fortunate to be named Managing Editor of the book. I oversaw the photographer, writers (5), editors (3) and made sure all the elements came together. I LOVED working on this, even during a very busy time in my career/life, even when I was tired and just didn’t want to stay at the office a moment longer, I was committed to this project in a way I haven’t been before or since. It was a tangible achievement – something that I could physically touch. I was proud of the work the team did on this and it is, to this day, one of my most proud and happy achievements. It as a gift to the members of our organization and to all those who worked on it. I squirrelled away quite a few extra copies (I gave them as gifts for quite a while), though I don’t know what I’ll do with them now – they still remain an important portfolio piece for me.


That’s an amazing project Parker, that’s really neat
Hmm I like the tangible part here, something I’ve been looking into for myself


 This is a gorgeous book. You gifted me a copy and I have it as my dining room book. I have a definite thing for decorating. It is taking me longer than usual since I moved to Hamilton, and this beautiful book creates that reality of fantastic home and also inspires me to keep making the rest beautiful too.
That’s so nice! Thank you! It’s nice to know where the book lives with different people.
That is really cool!
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