Blue Moonery Tomorrow!

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Aquarian Full Moon.

Aquarian Blue Moon.

This is a big one.

“ There is so much happening around this moon in terms of once-in-a-lifetime type chances. It’s as if we are all on the edge of something so big and we have to make the decision to take the path we’ve always taken – or to jump into the territory of new possibilities”

This certainly rings true for me! 

Blue Moons are rare, hence the “Once in a Blue Moon” expression. Our next Blue Moon will come in 2018. A Blue Moon is the title for a second Full Moon that comes within one month. The reason a Blue Moon actually exists is because we no longer use lunar months (in which one full lunar cycle equals a month, and 13 lunar cycles create a year).  

Today is the first day of a three day Full Moon window where the energy of this phase of the moon is the strongest. This is so for all the moon phases. The day before, the day of, and the day following are the most potent times to utilize and engage with the energy of that phase. 

Full Moon:

Reaping! Bringing in. This is the culmination point, the end. Harvest, collect, enjoy, and celebrate. This is usually a peak energy time for most people. Anyone who has ever worked nights or in crowded areas knows the power of the Full Moon on people’s behaviour. Be gentle also with yourself at this time, and remember that this can mean peak emotions as well, be they joyous or difficult. The Full Moon guides us to see ‘the whole picture’. Everything is lit, everything is illuminated in awareness.

The “Big Picture” aspect is doubly enhanced by Aquarius.

Aquarius is the detached, cosmic visionary. Aquarius is fabulous at separating emotions from thoughts and perspectives, and getting the whole view of any situation. Aquarius is progressive and forward thinking, and is the sign of hopes, dreams, and wishes. Aquarius brings radical new ideas to humanity, loves to explore unconventional territory, and all about making the world a better place through love and truth. 

Aquarius is an air sign.

The air signs govern the realm of the mind. They are all about ideas, perspective, communication, thought and intuition. 

Have fun, and enjoy the breakthroughs certain to accompany this Full Moon! 

Author: Kae Forrest

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