Blue Moon Magic

 In Moonbathing

Moon set! Yes indeed!

I spent the night before the actual Full Moon honouring my sleeplessness. I am now taking that “Full Moon revved up” feeling as a biological signal to go soak it up – to play and celebrate and move my body! Such a wild improvement on the ‘grumpily toss and turn all night’ of the past Full Moons.

I spent the night outside – playing, relaxing, enjoying the dew on my bare feet, laying in the grass, celebrating and spending time with the animals.

Unquestionably the best, most profound and beautiful night of my life.

This is actually from my bedroom window just after 5am, so it’s a little fuzzy. I went for one last look at the Moon before heading to sleep, and had the honour of watching as she slipped into that cloud, bidding me a loving and perfectly magical farewell after our night together.

‘Sacred adventure’ was my intention for this lunar cycle, and a sacred adventure it’s been! More importantly, the grounding in and recognition of this as an “ideal perspective” for me. When I see my entire life as a sacred adventure, I easily see and interact with the magic inherent in everything. My life and mind operates in a way that supports me and nourishes every aspect of my being.

For me, this Full/Blue Moon is a huge culmination. The end of a major chapter beginning in 2012, as well as the end of a larger chapter that has spanned the past 11 years.

These years were intense, bleak, and dark, and I often wanted to tap out, but here, landed at the start of the next chapter (I am calling it chapter 7!), I look back and thank myself for living through that, for trying even when I didn’t see a purpose or reason. For all the growth and circumstances that have brought me to this present breath. Crystal clear and bright as day, I see how it all lines up. The need and use for every moment of it, and awe of how it all turned out. Facing forward with a new sense of trust, power, understanding and purpose, the world feels new to me again. A beautiful world brimming with magic and possibility.

Blessed with catching setting of the moon and the rising of the sun, I let the pieces of the past fall away and welcome the dawn.

Author: Kae Forrest

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