An Exciting Road Ahead!

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Once again perfectly on point with timing, I love it!

Working, living and playing at such a seasonal place, this is the time where one season wraps up and the other one begins. I am in a head-space where I am looking back to how far I’ve come yet also knowing and genuinely being excited for all that is ahead. This is an impeccable time to get clear and focused.

I have been slightly scattered in my vision only because I had purposefully kept it a little more general as I fine tuned my exact wants, interests and desires, I was after experiences. Well so much is becoming a reality, I am living so many experiences on so many level. I haven’t taken the time to refine exactly what I am trying to accomplish in a while so time to do so. Overall everything it is going SO well yet I am pretty tired. I think a little clarity – I always preach less is more yet I am again over committed – is the key here.

For me this will be a week of re-prioritizing. Everything I am involved in right now has served me, enriched me, it all has the same theme and values, the same flavor as my vision yet I need to be a little more selective now. There is such a feeling of abundance and greatness here tho; I have accomplished so much that now I get to choose the cream of the crop with what i want to carry forward with me.

Time for an upgrade woop woop

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