All of a Sudden I Had a Great Idea!

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Oooooh, love this topic as it goes hand in hand with something I did today. I am currently “updating” my living room on a budget. So I am using what I have. One of the main goals was to find a better place for my printer and my DVD recorder. The idea was to buy a new deeper book shelf to house the two.

Thinking about it for a while yesterday I all of a sudden had a great idea: years ago I took the wings of a former foldable dining table and painted it white. I have used it as a coffee table and I have loved it and I was so proud of it cuz it was one of my first tries of DIY projects, without instructions. And I hated the idea to throw it out (which was a fact in my mind til yesterday). This is what it looked like:

The idea was to add two shelves. Again without any instructions. So I went to the next home improvement store, got what I needed and simply DID it. And voilà this is the outcome:

I love it and now my printer has a perfect place:

So this is an artist date with staying power 😉

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