A Picture Says a Thousand Words

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My artist date this weekend took place both yesterday and today.

Each year I clean up my photos from the past year and make an album. That used to mean printing out the photos I wanted and putting them in order – sliding them into each transparent pocket in a large photo album.

Then one day I discovered that I could do all of this online – upload the photos, put them in order, and even add scrapbooking type stickers and colours. Once complete, I could order to print and in a week or so I would receive a book of my collection. And these books take up a fraction of the size that the big albums take up – they are the thickness of a Vogue magazine, and no standing in line to print. I have done this for years now.

I will admit to you that I haven’t kept up on this of late. I’m backlogged by about three years. I have the photos cleaned up and organized, but they aren’t done in the online program. This is the year it will happen. Along the way I have also added special project photo albums – one to be a gift to my sister celebrating her son; another of adventures I’ve taken with my dad. They are also in progress.

This weekend I focused on the one for sister. It is years overdue and more complete than some of the others. I worked on it for a few hours each day, putting things in order and checking dates. Now, I need to do the dates and the text and add a few finishing touches. I think it will take me another round of a few hours and it should be done.

The photo album thing is creativity – scrapbooking in its way, and putting together memories in a form that is pleasant and rewarding. As well, it contributes to my organizer side, the one that wants to keep things tidy and accessible. But the biggest reason of all is my memory – it’s not amazing, and so by keeping my photos and organizing them, I know I can pick up a book and access (maybe) some of the memories and emotions that go with those photos. This is the plan.

I enjoyed it. Putting on music and focusing on one project with no distractions. Losing myself in the memories and smiling as I put it all together. I’m excited to be able to share it with my sister, at some point, and hope she sees the value I do. I will print one for myself as well – after all, it’s a celebration of my nephew’s first year. Love and creativity for today’s artist’s date.

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