A Much Needed Practice of Observation

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Even though it is a fairly easy theme and we have done this practice many times, as mentioned on the call, this mindset serves me so much.

In light of our conversation regarding making this time mandatory… to get out of the doing for a few moments and simply enjoying being, as when I do return to the doing I am so much more productive. A moment of being – for me tends to be exercise, movement and or nature, brings on clarity, inspiration, energy and is extremely refreshing.

I am about to tackle on the last big month for my summer work and projects and keeping this general idea at the forefront I will practice observation first. We use this in permaculture design work and it is a piece, as a doer, I tend to oversee. This week was a great reminder to reconnect with the foundation. Taking the time to be in the right mindset, clear and inspired than allows me to make an efficient and serving action plan and actually achieve so much more of the stuff that i actually want to do.

So this morning I am taking time to look back on what has been accomplish, the successes and the difficulties. I will, from that point, make a plan, a schedule, organize my goals and objectives for the next phase and than i can go ahead, keep moving  and get more stuff actually done. Oh and of course I am taking this moment to observe, brainstorm and organize with my favorite treat, a delicious khc coffee, the whole experience has to feed me ha.

Thnaks ladies have a fab week of being, and doing the shit that really matters to you!

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