A Good Plan Brings the Sparkle to Back to Your Goals

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This couldn’t come at a better time for me. I’m really struggling with a big goal and am finding it hard to get started. I even find it hard to have goals about anything but the  big one, which is not helpful, as all other things in my life shouldn’t fall to the side in pursuit of this one.

For today I started out by plotting it out on a calendar. I pulled out my old 3, 6, 9  book and even though it no longer has these upcoming months, I converted other months (unused) to the following four months (all the way to the end of December, I’ll need a new one after that). I realized that I need this tool faster than I have time to find a new book, so I’m re-purposing. I put the big goal at the end of 9 weeks, even though I think it may move, and worked backwards. On the side column, I wrote the mini goals for each week or two weeks – I’m still working on this.

Even today, though I’ve designated the time, I’m having strong feelings of procrastination. I see only the struggle these documents require, and likely there is fear there. Fear of not having the right answers, of the application failing, of not being able to be united with my S.O. Real fears surely, but I have to start anyway. Don’t live your life in fear, my dad once said to me.

This tool is something I’m going to lean on, even when I don’t think it will work or the task is too large. I need everything I can get to help me through this undertaking.

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