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Ok Ladies! As a finale post for this week’s spectacular selfie challenge, here are a few of the faves. Well, all of them were faves, actually. It was such a fun week that started off as a “confidence” exercise, but really became a getting to know each other even better adventure. Our lives are so full of personal photos and media, and it was a great week of using that tool as a way to connect positively to each other. We share so many of our deepest thoughts and feelings, and our connection is really quite extraordinary. Seeing these photos – a day in the life – makes that connection even more real. What a special week.

This is a few months back as you can tell by my clothes and the background. It’s the Starnberger See. And I was taking a pic to proof to a friend who loves that spot that actually I was really there. I so enjoyed to get out of the city for once! And to be honest: I love those sun glasses, they look like Hollywood to me! 😉

I couldn’t decide today…. been a long but amazing day, starting with a double date with the boys in the barn. It’s so neat. The past few weeks, when I go to see Dan, they crowd around me, so I”m brushing Dan and Shawnee. Mini will come and be close too, but she gets lots of brushing from Simone, so I don’t spend too much time with her that way. At the end of our date, Dan shares his apples with Shawnee and Mini. Shawnee has no teeth (OK he has 2, but they are not connecting anywhere in his Universe), and Mini has a weird sinus thing so I am careful not to get any of that on me (stinks), so Dan bites the apples into pieces and I share them around. This morning was especially amazing. It was particularly quiet. The sound of a horse chewing an apple has the same effect on me as a cat purring. It feels wonderful. When I leave there I am so relaxed.

Then. later today:

I’m at my chiropractor’s office. He’s a rock star and a music fan. This is the rock and roll room. He has posters of several rock stars, but the most notable in this room is his vinyl collection. He has 8 or so frames on the one wall, and every month they are different albums. He changes them up! I love going here, not just for my back. He is a trusted mentor and confidant for me also. I’ve known him for 20+ years, and he has been a critical source of support. I have an appointment once a month with him to keep my back in check, but more than that, it keeps my life in check. He’s one of those incredible people I can trust to be a positive mirror and reflection; it’s one of the few spaces where I can see where I”m really at.

Today? Rock star. My new practice around my appointment here is to check in with where I am as a whole, and see how it has changed and clarified over the previous month – AND how my body feels about that.

This is Torque and I at Grandma’s! Squeezing his cheeks. Such an amazing dog.

I forgot to take one today, but I did find this gem – I think we were at the baseball game? Maybe? Can’t recall – it was last summer.

Lia!I love it! YES. Go Birds ha! You reminded me of this pic… Amber and I last winter in Panorama!



That was me on the way home yesterday from a picknick with friends in the Englischer Garten, an urban public park larger then Central Park even. This shot is taken downtown, with the Feldherrnhalle in the background and the Theatinerkirche to the right. The opera is just around the corner. All things you should visit if you ever come here!

Amber tubing!!!

I’m laughing as I post this one… When I went to pick it out of the file folder, I type in “amber…” I have this string of photos for Amber: ambertubing; amberriding; ambercurling…

Hilarious. And true! Amber you’re doing it! You are living the balance life. The proof is in my selfie files!

Hope you are having a blast!

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