The Heart of the Holidays

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Leni. Nice. I really enjoyed reading this, and feeling into the ways I do the good parts of Christmas too. Honestly, for a lot of the year, it feels totally thankless, this living consciously and being a part of the strong, unwritten, mostly individually unsupported en masse, that is being the change. Christmas, however, is that very particular time of year, where it is not only well-worth the effort, because you see how people both need and fully receive the goodness, but you also see them (all of them, every walk of life) passing that felt-goodness on to others. You’re right, there is definitely a thing in the air.

For some reason, this Christmas was especially good for me personally in that regard. It’s certainly because of the things that have occurred in my little family, bonding us, but I also think the world has sincerely shifted. (Some will argue, right here, in this exact place, and there they remain.) I am most definitely aware of energetic totalities, and something was indeed different about this Christmas. It was like the world around me bounced from how terrifying the world has become, directly into the arms of simplicity and kindness. All the “work” we have been doing with our hearts, to bring the real spirit of Christmas to the forefront after a million-maybe years of fugitive romping, has paid off.

Really cool – thanks for bringing this to the table for me to celebrate. I had the opportunity to witness and receive those changes at my own dinner table, my individual version of this. Ha – even my obnoxious Uncle was sweetly and beautifully human. He has an incredible heart, and my own heart was so self-satisfied, that I was available to meet that energy, and feel even more abundant.


Thank you Leni. I love the thoughtfulness of this and also of all the things you did with such purpose. I did pieces of this, and I know that I would like to be more purposeful in the communication I have with people and in what gifts or sentiments I do convey. Yes, you have summed up what Christmas can be and the things I like most about it.

Yesterday, I had dinner with members of my S.O.’s family – including cousins I hadn’t met before. We had it at his Grandmother’s house, and she has lived in that area of D.C. for a very long time. While we were making up plates and eating wherever we could find a spot in this tiny living room, a couple of people, separately, came into the house, said hello and such and then made up a plate for themselves, covered it in tinfoil and left the house. I asked who they were, and they are neighbours, almost extended family because his grandma helped care for them when they were small, that sort of thing. We were not the only place they were stopping by that night either (almost like a small version of halloween but with Christmas dinner instead of candy!). I haven’t ever had this happen in my life where people just come in, make a plate and leave, and yet, it is very much what you are describing – that unintended guest, making room for those that don’t have as much. And it is what Christmas is all about. No one blinked and you could tell they had likely done it for a long time.


This is an incredibly heartwarming story.  Wow!  I never heard of this either and it is so beautiful.  Not just the fact that they received dinner but that there is a sense of ‘comfort’ in a community between those that have more and have less.

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