Family Trips: The Adventures of a Lifetime

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I want to do a pack trip with my own family and horses up to Earl Grey Pass.  I used to guide a 3 day trip up there maybe 15 years ago.  We would ride 1/2 a day out to a few small extremely rustic cabins, stay over, ride to the top of the Glacier and back to the cabin the next day and then ride out the 3rd day.  I would love for my kids to see the amazing country you can see on horseback.  We cross the river a few times, cross mud bogs, meadows, climb up mountains, watch for wildlife (I’ve seen many Mountain goats up there), ride below waterfalls, ride through wildflowers,  you name it.  We would have to pack the horses full of our food, clothing and sleeping bags as well as grain for the horses.  I love the idea of making all of our meals over the campfire, hauling water up from the creek and having accomplished such a goal with young children and our trusted partners.  The horse in these pictures is my old horse Bayb.  I had this horse for 20 years.  She took me through some pretty tough spots and never skipped a beat.  I miss her dearly.

Here are some photos of when I was guiding:

The view from the cabin

One of the cabins

River crossing

One of the waterfalls.

Sorry for all the photos.  As I got looking I found some old beauties and I got excited.  It really took me back in time.  🙂


These are GREAT pics. I love your pics!

The Earl Grey Pass… it’s one of those things that my brain loves to imagine. It gets you to the other side of the mountains! I know that’s silly, but it’s different to drive a pass.

As kids, my folks used to take us to Smuggler’s Notch in Vermont to go skiing. The “notch” is the pass, closed in the winter because it is so narrow. The plows can’t even get through. The story is that smugglers were brave enough to do it all year long. Dad and I “tried” to walk it once. I have no idea if he actually intended to do the whole thing. In fact, to this day, I have no idea how far that would have been, but my mind knows it as great adventure, and always will. We had to turn around because Dad was breaking through the snow past his knees.

It’s true – adventures like these as kids make us the adventurous adults that we are now. So cool!


This would be a fantastic trip, Amber!

While we didn’t go by horses, I remember many camping trips and hiking with my parents, and I loved it. They are some of the best memories and I think you and your children would cherish it! A great plan!

And the pictures are great!

Amazing Amber!
What beauty . I do hope you ft to share these experiences with your kids soon, true blessing.
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