Your Beliefs Are Your Reality

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Again the timing of things for me are unreal! I swear this is true, we had a friend over for dinner last Saturday and it actually came to the conversation if you had a super power what would you want it to be.

It’s pretty neat now to bounce that off of I already have super powers, so what are they…

I would like to bring up as my first one (I actually can’t wait to tell you all about the others too haha)….

    I am a believer!

I think this one is part of my essence and what I can build all the other ones off of as I believe. You need to believe for any of this to be a reality.

I believe in myself and I also believe in others. I always see the best of people. I believe things will always work out. I believe we can change. I believe we are enough and i believe we are more.

I believe this a great world. I believe these are amazing times. I believe our future holds amazing things, bigger than we can dream of.

I believe that faith and hope, is what makes us better. It makes us care, it helps us move forward. It does for me anyways.

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