Freedom 25 is Now

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Such a wonderful weekend.

Thanks giving is an amazing time for me, and always one of the times of the year I sort of “take stock” of where I am, and what my goals are for the year. This rolls back to the years I used to pack up my painting business at the end of October and head out West to ski for the winter. It was absolutely a favourite time of the year for me with winter ahead, and generally having exceeded any money goals I’d had for the painting “season”, I would definitely feel this amazing sense of accomplishment for having had a ‘successful summer”. Looking back, I would always been feeling light and powerful at this time of year. Accomplished and satisfied. The winter of working at the ski hill was the real reward. I remember calling it “Freedom 25”.  So fun.

Also, we have a family event at this time every year where I see many important family members that I don’t see often. The conversations are always about what we have been doing for the past 6 months, which for me always provides another way for me to think about where I am, especially with my vision! I mean technically, I’ve been on this vision-mission since 2009. Literally every thing I have done and every decision I have made has been in support of that vision. The past few years have been scary with regards to my vision, because the accomplishments, although HUGE, have been foundational, behind the scenes, and honestly unqualifyable from the outside. I have had to lock hard into self-validation, knowing and belief in myself and my goals. So much of it lives only in my head, and I have definitely questioned my sanity and my dedication to my vision. It never seems impossible, ever, but the learning has been more than I ever thought possible!

Having this call topic land where it did in my (definition of a new) year has been so amazing, and so validating! It provided me with the canvas to see where I’m “at” big picture.

On my way to dinner on Saturday, I was feeling really amazing. I had thought about what I would say when I was asked about how I am and what I am doing, and I had specifically planned an outfit that made me feel good and like me. We dress up a bit for these dinners, so I was feeling confident and put together. l had decided that if I was asked I would talk about Consciously Woman and Alive Homeopathy. We rock, and Alive Homeopathy has grown up a lot since the days I called it: The Patient’s Guide to Homeopathy. It is still that, yes, but it is way more than the 30 page book I thought the patient’s guide would be. Both of these blogs still feel like they are in “beta”, but CW looks so good I would definitely send someone there to look at it – in fact I am soon, soft opening in less than 2 weeks. And AH is almost there too.

Driving to my Aunt’s house, I felt probably the most accomplished I have in years. I suddenly saw all that I have done, and for the first time in several years, the focus was on the accomplishments, and not on the fear of the blogs not being good enough, or parts not figured out yet. That’s a profound difference for me. Normally, the 30 min alone in the car would be spent trying to find the answer to the next bug-a-boo with technology or who to talk to next or what otherwise fancy pants thing I would have to dream up to keep the dream alive because it was “almost there”.

Ha – and for us here in CW, I have achieved the bonus vision first. Alive Homeopathy is the “end goal” and Consciously Woman is the bonus.

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