Weekly Discussion Summary: Moving Towards Validation is a Choice

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Fabulous call last night, Ladies. Thank you!

This couldn’t have been a more “productive” call topic. Invalidation was an energy that was “up” for many of us here inside the community, and also outside our community in several conversations I had last week. It has been an incredible experience to turn those negative interactions and feelings into great fuel for our visions. There are so many reasons external invalidation happens – it is a social tool and mechanism; it is normal – making it so necessary to have a conscious way to filter or use these comments or interactions.

We are all bringing new things and ideas into the world. Society always resists the unknown. And, it is natural for our close friends and family to want to protect us from the unknown also. Furthermore(!), people tend to criticise what makes them jealous or intimidated.

This week’s conversation was brilliant in that it not only helped us to turn this energy around quickly, it also clearly exhibited the value of a community like this. We stand for each other’s brilliance, and we support exactly that. Providing for each other a place where we can freely celebrate how fantastic we are, reinforces those places and moments where we experience invalidation. They become not only untrue, they become useful tools for feedback and navigating forward with our visions.

The most incredible thing about this week’s conversation was how quickly invalidation became the contrast to the more frequent, in fact, validations and praise that we get throughout our week. That was just really cool. Invalidation is a really difficult and negative energy; it feels awful. To now see it as a clear energy of contrast, we get to choose and engage more with validation, and our supporters, those people we know and love who want us to succeed at a happy life.

This is a huge battery we can plug into: validation. It is a choice. It’s a direction.

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