Full Moon in Sagittarius, May 21, 2016

 In Moonbathing

Blue Moon… I saw you standing alone… being fabulous, and courageous, and adventurous, and rock-solidly in your truth.

Cool thing is that although we stand alone, in our many places, and in our diverse visions, we come so solidly together in this community, and at many celebration points.

Tonight is no exception. And in fact, like you, tonight’s moon is uniquely spectacular. It is a full moon, a blue moon, and the first of 2 Sagittarius full moons. Extraordinary.

This “truth-focused” full moon brings with it a determination to live a greater freedom in all of our lives.

In addition, the full moon is the time at which we release all of those things that do not serve us in our lunar intention for the month.

Tonight, take a moment to focus on your truth, your vision, and your determination to create freely for yourself and others.

Connect deeply with that feeling, and allow anything that does not serve you or your vision to be released. No need to analyse; it will happen quickly and automatically when you are you.

Bonus: This full moon will connect you to the wisdom you require for the coming year. It is bridging what has been, and what is unfolding. Sounds a lot like evolution!

Throw the curtains open and sleep in the moon light!


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