You Look Marvelous, Darling

 In This Week's Topic


We’ve done this before! It’s looking like this topic could be as fun and expansive as The Artist Date.

This week… drum roll please…. compliments! You get ’em; you give ’em! How amazing do they make you feel?! How amazing does it feel to see someone else light up when you compliment them too – or first?! Let’s get some of this.

The timing of this topic is with a little consciousness around some new ventures and upcoming deadlines we have among us. Let’s intend that the amazing energies and growth we experience and uncover be packed into the foundations of our individual projects and needs at this time. It’s kind of like confidence-stoke ha!

Share a daily experience of giving or receiving a compliment. How does it make you feel? How does it provide clarity? Does it instantly turn you into a shell fish? Does it just as instantly burst your passion into flame? 

What do you witness in another? How does THAT make you feel?

Have fun with this Ladies!

And, really take it in. Your visions are a direct result of how you feel about yourself and others.

Much Love, you awesome things.

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