Yes To My Own Company

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As the weather was and still is nice these days I wanted to have some summer fun, mainly outdoors of course. While I do things on my own, I find most things more enjoyable when done with other people and some things I just don’t feel like doing them on my own. So last week on several occasions I invited people to do stuff, go to a museum, go swimming, do aqua fitness, etc. Not only did I not succeed in finding people who had time, I also couldn’t make myself do these things on my own.

Then this topic came along, say YES, to basically anything, and I thought, “This week I’ll say yes to myself and do stuff whether or not I find someone to join the fun.” I also had the goal in mind to do something fun every single day. It seems the universe is totally backing me up in this!

As I have mentioned in another post my Mom called yesterday to ask if I want to join her and my Dad for dinner. We had delicious elderflower pancakes, which she makes only once a year, with fresh strawberries. And I had missed those dinners for the last four years!

Considering the temperatures getting higher and higher this week I decided swimming was a must do. So today I packed my bag and went on my own, as my current swim buddy unfortunately has to work more than originally planned this week. It was heavenly. I did some swimming for exercise and then I hung out in the outside pool that has all kinds of different water jets. Oohhh, love that! And I brought a little souvenir back home, too: slight sunburn that luckily will be gone in a day or two.

On Sunday friends of mine asked if I want to join them for a little midsummer night celebration and some barbecuing. Since they were still looking for the right place I remembered to say YES and offered to have it at my place. I haven’t had a barbecue here in quite some time so I am really looking forward to it and the friends who will be there tomorrow.

And come Thursday morning life will find me in a pool again, doing aqua aerobics.

It’s fascinating to see how the universe is chipping in to support me in having my daily dose of fun! It even has people ask me for a change. And the remaining days of the week will be filled with something fun without a doubt.

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