What The… Bleep!!!

 In Consciously Woman

My guilty pleasure is that I swear.  What this means is I f*cking love to swear!

I didn’t always swear.  I learned to swear to express myself.  My appreciation for swear words goes pretty far back and I think my fascination for swear words came from the fact that I was forbidden to swear as a child.

I grew up a very quiet, reserved and lonely little girl.  Swear words saved my life.  They pushed me to stand up for myself and they gave me a voice that was heard.  They took me from bullied, to in control in seconds.  They taught me that I was a force to recon with.  Swear words are a part of what has made me the unstoppable woman that I am today and they are what has taught me to question everything and to tell it like it is – to be real.

Cursing is the best way for me to show you that I love you and that I’m always there for you.  I am the most real when I swear so if I’m swearing around you, know I feel my best with you, and you are seeing the real me.

I feel strong and confident.  I am a woman who lives life to the fullest and the swear words seem to fit in well to that scheme.  I don’t love life.  I f*cking love life!  Now doesn’t that sound better?

These words let people know that I dramatically love life.  I’m not one to half-ass anything.  I’m ALL-IN and that me comes with swear words.  I am not one to make up bullshit stories or beat around the bush.  I am a real straight forward gal and for me that includes cursing.  This may be hard for some to take but ask yourselves this…Would you rather have the toned down boring me who tells you what you want to hear or the person who is strong enough to swear and tell it like it is –  because she has so much zest for life it spills out in curse words?  The latter is the one that will be there for you any time you need her putting her life on the line for you because that’s how she lives life.  She would give the shirt off her back in a heartbeat, love you like no other, and cover for your silly ass any time needed.  She is trustworthy.  She is Real.  She is there for you.  She swears.

Three cheers for those who are brave enough to be themselves.  F*ck yeah!

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