The Privilege to Live and Do As I Please

 In Consciously Woman

I am privileged to live in a place where I have the free will to do as I please and work where I want.  I am privileged to understand just how important it is to do something you love for most of your days rather than force yourself to work in a place where you my not be treated fairly or where you may have to do mundane tasks every day or back breaking work for little pay.   I have created a job that I love.  I am my own boss.  I get to work all day with animals and I get to work from home where I was able to raise my children.  It was very important for me to spend quality time with my kids.  I knew how fast they were going to grow up.  I had always wanted to be a mother and so it was very important for me to be available for them and to have as much time to love them as possible.  I wanted to be the one holding them when they were sad or when they weren’t feeling well.  I wanted to be there when they learned new things or hit those milestones.  I understood that life is short and we need to make the most of every day so I wanted my kids with me as much as possible.  I had started doing my business part time before my son Karson was born but the minute I held him in my arms I knew that I would do anything to spend as much time with this amazing little being as possible.  I made it happen.  I started to put the wheels in motion to run my dog business full time from home so I could be there for my kids.  Everyone has a different idea of what this may look like.  I don’t think it matters necessarily what that is just that you are happy doing it.   I was sure that I wanted my kids home with me.  Now as I look back I am so grateful for that time.  It really was a privilege to be the one to wipe their snotty noses, put the band aids on wounds, to hold them as much as needed when they were sick, and to cheer them on when they learned something new.  I am grateful that I made the most out of that precious time that I will never get back.  There are days when I feel tied down that I need to remind myself of that special time and bond that I created for my children and I.  To this day I still work from home.  Now they are in school full time but I am always able to pick them up if they need me.  I am able to make them healthy meals and spend quality time with them crafting, going for walks, reading, riding horses and playing board games.  I also get to teach them about business, working hard, being accountable, being kind and doing chores.   I think about how hard it would be if I had a job where I couldn’t be there for them in the same way.  I am able to drop them off and pick them up at the school bus each day.  I’m able to run in to the school if they forgot a lunch or ski pants.  As I am writing this I am seeing not only how privileged I am but how privileged they are also.  They know how much they mean to me and they know I will always be there cheering them on.   They know I am always there to talk to when things get tough.   They know that I will help them make anything happen.    They are turning in to very well rounded children.   They have won a big part of the battle.  My wish is that all children feel as wanted and loved as mine do.  I have taken control of my life.  I have made it exactly how I have always wanted it and that is a very important privilege for me and my children also.

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