The Life of My Dreams

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I’m Nora, and my vision is to bring my adventure lifestyle together with my work and family life. I am creating a life for myself where I am surrounded with people who increase my energy and my excitement about life just like Consciously Woman does.

The 9-5 lifestyle has never been for me. I have always felt deep down inside that I was meant to do something beyond 5 o’clock, and after my daughter Mila was born I took the plunge into self-employment. I started a social media marketing business called Big Fish Creative and now, if I am being totally honest, my days are filled with organized chaos. I like things to be a certain way and need order in my life to be as this productive. I am the type of person who makes their bed as soon as they are out of it, and having this order in my life balances out the craziness of raising two kids and working from home. Once everything is in place and I sit down at the computer, anything is possible. Suddenly, the business boundaries of my little mountain town disappear. I can work with anyone, anywhere! That’s the dream. To be able to support my family financially while travelling. To live an extraordinary life with extraordinary people.

I often think about what the future holds for me and my family.  I am so grateful to have married my best friend and the leader of our family almost four years ago. Together we have two beautiful, healthy, happy children who make our world spin. We share the same goals and dreams and he has helped me get my business to the point it is at while I help him elevate his business HTH Contracting Ltd. as well. Now is the time for me and my career.  Stay tuned! Now that my Big Fish Creative website is complete, I hope will be able to help many people also reach their goals.

I’m so excited. Details to come in the new year!

Written my Nora Mollwww.bigfishcreativemarketing.com

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