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I am a storyteller.

I’ve always known this. I was never sure that my writing was up to par … and if I’m solely basing the definition of a writer on grammar, I fail. It’s not that I can’t scrutinize every word … it’s that I don’t. You see, I am a lazy writer.

I have come to realize that I am enough. I am a writer … not because I write perfect sentences but because I am passionate about what I have to say and am willing to say it. I am a writer that will say what needs to be said even if it’s uncomfortable for me and, at times, for others, because that’s the kind of writer I want to be. I am a writer that primarily tells stories … maybe I’m even a storyteller first and foremost. I am a brave, passionate storyteller and writer who is lazy about sentence structure. Some would say I can’t be a writer then, but I disagree.

I still want everything to be as tight as possible but I am tired of scrutinizing every single word because I am not that kind of writer. That’s not where my passion lies. My love of writing stems from a need to capture the human condition. I am passionate about that … not grammar. I am more passionate about that than any other kind of writing.

I may resonate with some people and others may find me atrocious but I think I’m a damn good storyteller and my medium is the English language … so I am a writer. If I want to figuratively splash pain on a canvas am I not an artist? There are editors to fix mistakes … some are brilliant editors and maybe even incredible writers but they aren’t necessarily storytellers. I am … this is the kind of writer I want to continue being and I can handle my own. It has taken 43 years to get to this place … it really, truly has.

So, I am complimenting myself on having the balls to declare myself a writer. I am also complimenting you … because your support is part of the reason I got to this point. Thank you for all that you are.

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