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I need to do some face time with a good friend. I’ve been writing all day and am only realizing the severity of this need right now. I’ve been a hardworking recluse all week and just need some human connection. Not the kind that carries worries that keep you up at night … like hanging out with family can. I love them very much … but am unwilling this weekend to meet up in order to be left worrying over their lives if they opt to feel the need to unload today. Sometimes I can take it on and sometimes I don’t mind being a sounding bored and sharing their load, but I’m brain dead, have had a heavy heart and feel my energy stores are depleting. I need something a little less intense … it has been a week where my heart has been left a little heavier than usual. So, I am going to refuel this weekend, spend time with people that make me laugh and even listen to their concerns (because if it isn’t family I am there to support but don’t feel like I need to solve a problem the way I do with family matters).


It’s great that you are so in tune with what your body and mind need.  So very important to not fall in to a deep rut.  Enjoy your weekend.  Have some fun!  If you were closer we could sit around the bonfire and laugh all weekend together.  I am like Sabine.  Although I love to be alone I also crave chit chatting with a good friend.  It always leaves me feeling high on life.


Good for you to self care after such hard work all week! I notice that, too, sometimes after a day of no or little contact, the need for human contact. And just a few minutes of a nice phone conversation does it for me. It’s so important for me to notice that, esp. since I am such a people person who needs interactions, yet my lifestyle at the moment doesn’t automatically have that.

Enjoy the weekend!!

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